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Real name: Dick Grayson
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Nightwing is the leader of the Young Justice League and was Robin until he turned to nightwing at age 18

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nightwing is fairly tall considering how short he was when he was Robin


Nightwing is wearing a black uniform with black gloves and pants with a black eye mask and a blue bird as his new insignia with a black belt


Nightwing, just like Batman, was trained to be skilled in technology, and was also trained to have acrobatic abilities.


  • Nightwing is a part of the Bat Family along with Robin (Tim Drake), Batgirl, and Batman.
  • Dick Grayson was the leader of the Teen Titans, a teenaged superhero group that featured a whole array of characters (Young Justice and Teen Titans actually share many members. For example: Beast Boy.) In Teen Titans Go! Scott Menville will be reprising his role as Robin/Dick Grayson.
  • Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans.


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