Miss Martian
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Real name: M'gann
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Miss Martian is a White Martian and has powers similar to the ones her uncle, Martian Manhunter, posses. Beast Boy considers himself her little brother due to the fact that in season one of Young Justice, he required a blood transfusion. This transfusion had unexpected sideeffects as Beast Boy inherited Miss Martian's shapeshifting abilities and is able to turn into any animal at his will. He did not, however, inherit Miss Matian's telekinesis powers.


Much like any martian, M'gann has the characteristic green skin and eyes, though still maintains a humaniod look. This is not anywhere close to her true form, however. She is actually a white martian, this isn't known until midway through the first season, as M'gann tried to keep her true form a secret from her friends, fearing rejection.


Miss Martian powers include telekinesis, shapeshifting, and telepathy.


  • Miss Martian has 2 forms of her true self.
  • Beastboy is different the her big sister Miss Martian .


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