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DC Nation is a organization that appears on Cartoon Network on Saturdays and about DC Shows, Beware The Batman, DC Nation Shorts, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Young Justice. The organization is a production by Warner Bros. Animation.

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Match is a Superclone created by project cadmus, he was made to be tested as a full kryptonian when suddenly he was kept in a pod.

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This wiki is about the DC Nation Shows that anyone can edit! We are Currently harboring 84 articles and 136 images since NOVEMBER 14, 2011 .

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  • DC Nation has been rescheduled to air back into 2013. (11/10/2012)
  • Designing Updates are getting in progress after looking at other wikis for weeks (All Rights Go To Their Respectful Owners)! (11/10/2012).