Template:Character Hawkwoman is a superheroine and member of the Justice League. Template:CIT[1] and married to Hawkman.[2]

Physical appearance Edit

Hawkwoman's most distinguishing features are the giant wings on her back. She wears a costume matching colors with Hawkman's, but lacking most armor. She also dons a golden breastplate, leaving the top of her torso bare, and a black skirt with dark red plating. Her arms were wrapped in black and dark red cloth, with extra padding around the shoulders. She also wears knee-high greaves. Her helmet is less elaborate than Hawkman's, featuring only two brown wings facing outward. It allows her red hair to flow out the back.

Her primary weapon is a large spiked mace[3] Template:CIT[4]

Powers and abilities Edit

Appearances Edit


Background in other media Edit

  • Hawkwoman is the wife of Hawkman. She is often confused with the better-known Golden Age Hawkgirl (Shiera Saunders-Hall) and Silver Age Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol).

References Edit

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