The Flash
Real name: Barry Allen
First Appearance: Independence Day







Voice By:

George Eads
The Flash a superspeed hero, he live's in Central City, Moussri along with his belovung wife Iris Allen. Flash is also a member of the Justin League.


Civilian LifeEdit

Barry Allen, otherwise known as The Flash was strucked by a famous lightning bolt to receive his super speed powers that he use today he was also put on the Justice League alons with the orignal members such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other members. Also he has a lovely wife known as Iris West-Allen who is a new's reporter at GBS.The flash aka berry allen was stuck by lighting in his lab and the chichals made him into what he is and he was one of the people who killed his mom he went back in time and the yellow flash also killed his mom and the reverse flash is dr wells

Independence DayEdit


  • Barry Allen was a civilian into he got strucked by a bolt in the sky and suddenly became a super speed hero he is today.


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